About RainDrops H2O2

H2O2RainDrops was born of the love of Hydrogen peroxide, Mother Nature's No.1 disinfectant, and our desire is to make Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide available to the public in safe and easy-to-use concentrations. 

We have developed a method of stabilizing 35% Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide using only vegetable ingredients.

This allows us to pre-dilute and package 35% Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide as 3% and 0.05% H2O2 concentrations with a min 12 month shelf-life.

The purity of 35% Food Grade H2O2 remains untouched, our products are formulated exclusively from:

    1.     35% Food Grade Hydrogen peroxide

    2.     Vegetable stabilizers (non-GMO) 

    3.     Pure de-mineralized water

H2O2RainDrops products do NOT contain any:

    1.     Toxic chemicals

    2.     Heavy metals

    3.     Carcinogens

Packaged in extra strong non-leaching HDPE bottles with handy spray applicators, our specific dilutions of 35% Food Grade H2O2 - 3% & 0.05% - are easy to use and safe to carry around or have and use in the home.

Our products are packed & sold in 6 packs, 2 x 3 of each, so you can take advantage of bulk pricing, and we can offer free shipping.

H2O2RainDrops products are produced in South Africa according to GMP in an ISO 22716 facility.